Pozzo and Grotsky's Electric Animal Circus is a new type of live show: robot animals performing circus-inspired acts in a post-apocalyptic variety show. This website exists to showcase the project as it develops from concept to stage.

Lucille Holly Morgan
Karla Camilla Rockley
Bompo Richard Booth
Pickleton Hugo Sheppard
Sedgwick (voice) James Smoker
Grotsky Tom Whitelock
Pozzo Matt Williamson
Director of Photography Ed Burdett-Coutts
Produced and Edited by James Dingle
Costume Designer Rachel Maclachlan
Concept Art Alex Tomlin
Additional Photography James Dingle
Additional Music Hugo Sheppard
Created by Patrick Gleeson

Aste Amundsen, Jerome Beadle, Bryan Crotaz, Dermot Gleeson, Rosalind Gleeson, Arabella Jennings, Tim Lloyd-Hughes, Lydia Nicholas, Declan Pattison, Oli Pinchbeck, Cecily Rabey, Liat Rosenthal, Ed Saperia, Alexandra Spencer-Jones, Will Sprunt, Zoya Street, Ivan Thorley, Lewis Westbury

Financed by Deutsche Bank.