08 October 2012
The Circus Needs You!

Well, the first phase of the project has been completed. If you look around this site you'll find 4 short films, 3 behind-the-scenes videos, 2 songs, plus several other pieces of music, concept art, costume designs, and endless photos. Consider this concept developed.

So what now? Well, now we need to actually create the show we've been talking about for so long. We need to gather together in one place a group of like-minded people, and a big chunk of cash, and begin the long journey that will end, one day, in a large auditorium, somewhere in the world, as the house lights dim, the crowd falls silent, the opening notes are played, and the Electric Animal Circus reveals itself to the world.

But this won't happen by itself. There's a big list of things this project needs, and the top three items on the list are people, people and people. So our question is: is one of those people you?

If you want to see this show happen, and you've got something you can contribute, we're waiting to hear from you. Go on. Get involved.

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